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Secured and Reliable Data Centre Facilities

Highest Uptime – 99.9%
Robust Connectivity - powered by 375 KVA UPS
Highest Level of Security - 24X7 site security with TopLayer IPS 5500 series.

All our servers are located in Data Centre held by versatile networks and backed up by professional technical support team. Our services are unique and non-comparable for those people & organization who want to provide data or other information to the clients or visitors (existing and prospects) all over the world. We always struggle to exceed our clients’ potential by giving them assurance that their queries will be sorted out at the earliest by our expert team.


Electrical Service

Data Centre is powered by 375KVA UPS, Which provides conditioned supply of electricity. Generator instantly gets started in case of power failure to carry the load of data center. A separate diesel generator is also installed for power back up of rest office.



To manage cooling & moisture of Data Center, special filtration and air conditioning of …. Units are installed to keep the servers free of dust and at their optimum operating temperature, also to prevent the significant quantities of heat they generate. Air flow study with complete analysis of Data Center is done regularly manually and through heat sensing camera.



Data center is a restricted access area containing automated systems with video scrutiny that continually monitor server activity, web traffic & network performance. Data center is maintained as specialized activity with 24x7 site security. Only authorized person is allowed to enter this area.


Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire detectors with alarm are installed inside and outside of data center with 24x7 security staff. A pre-action fire suppression system with dry pipe is there in Data Center, which would release water from suitable locations in case of an emergency because of fire or heat. Release of fire sprinkler would indicate the emergency power off switch, at the same time turn off the electrical power to Data Center & control to UPS power as well.


Intrusion Detection / Network Security

Our entire network is protected by a pair of redundant, inline TopLayer IPS 5500-1000 units. The TopLayer IPS 5500 series provide protection against malicious content through advanced IPS technology, against undesired access through stateful firewall filtering, and against rate-based attacks through DDoS mitigation. Moreover, the TopLayer IPS 5500s are the only intrusion system protection to ever receive a coveted double NSS approved award in a single test.


IP Transit / Connectivity

We maintain direct connectivity through multiple carriers. We are using Global Crossing, XO Communication, Cogent and BTN/PCCW.

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