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Uptime Policy

We are providing 99.9% Uptime assurance with the accessibility of our servers along with network components available in our entire data centre. Our data centre facilities are accessible all the time without any network disruption.


Our Strategies to Work

  • We follow the policy of planned maintenance time according to our clients' requirement.

  • No chance to get failure throughout servicing the clients because our main motive is to keep in mind the clients’ requirement and provide them 100% satisfaction with best results.

  • No space for problems outside of our network.

  • Absence of malevolent performance.


Maintenance In Planned Way

We are having well educated & trained workforce, this technical staff is having an ample array of work experience in different renowned organization and worked on higher level e.g. Govt. Organization, Non Profit Organization, Fortune 300’s, Start Ups etc. Planned or Scheduled maintenance is done by giving advanced notice through e-mail during off peak hours usually in weekend time and the only reason for this maintenance is to update network & hardware and in case of replacement of any equipment or part for improved service.


Uptime Assurance

Infringement Credit: “TheHosting4U” use to credit 5% of the monthly fee for every hour of downtime up to 99.9% of entire monthly fee for downtime taken by network/server. (Downtime is a period between time duration when network reaches 99.9% inaccessible till the services being restored) uptime guarantee of our server is not pertaining to particular server(s), all our clients are covered by 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Our guarantee excludes the following situations:

  • Scheduled maintenance time

  • Problems outside of our network

  • Interruptions or failure of individual client services/accounts caused by the clients: employees/customers, configuration errors, 3rd party software errors, client abuse or excessive utilization of resources

  • Malicious activities such as Denial of Services attack

Downtime or outages are measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption in service availability in a calendar month.

Hence, we provide endearing mixture of high performance hosting, consistent business networking and special services. All our experts work very hard to provide best services as per clients’ requirement and budget.

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